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Patterns for Chattering Chippers

You're at the Porch's pattern page
We're glad that you stopped by
And if you are a carver,
Pick one you'ld like to try.

They're here, my friend, for you to use
(Some serious, some lampoon)
At least one new one every month
So plan to come back soon.

(Poem by Don Burgdorf)

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Cradle patternSanta patternangel.gif
Cradel Ornament                 Santa Ornament                      Angel

       Friends                     Boy Little Leaguer              Girl Little Leaguer

Chief Sitting Bull, p. 1Chief Sitting Bull, p. 2
Page 1                                 Page 2
Chief Sitting Bull

Friendship Hand             Cowboy Bottlestopper       Captain Bottlestopper

The Spring Gardner                 Playful Pup                         The Cat

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